Thursday, October 8, 2009

Monster Mash

After seeing all the cute monster softies all over the net, my 3 yr old asked if he could be a monster  softie for Halloween. Of course I obliged, how often do crafty mom's get such a request? I dug through my fabric stash and found that I still had blue fur from last years costume (a flying monkey from the wizard of oz ;) ) It as as if it were meant to be! I also have a ton of felt on hand from making his baby sister Felt Food. He picked the colors for the dots himself. Then I decided they would look cuter if they were 3D. So, each polka dot if stuffed with a little batting. Since he is so active i wanted to do something that he could easily put on and take off. So I went with a sandwich board costume. Very simple not may parts, nothing to untie, zip, etc. I think it turned out great. And after seeing his face when I finished I think he is completely ecstatic. Here are pics of the costume and his treat bag. I had planned on making his bag, but when he saw this in the dollar bins at target he had to have it. Which meant less sewing for me. :) Pics of him in it to come later.....

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