Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hooded beach towel

Who doesn't like hooded towels? I know as a mom I love them. And if you are a busy mom like me, then this is perfect for you... These are so easy to make! And fast!!

1 - beach (or bath towel)
1 - hand towel
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First take your hand towel and cut it in half. I like to fold it and use a pin to mark the middle on each side, mark it and cut it. Set one half aside for another project.
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Fold the half of the hand towel in half. making sure the raw edge you just cut is along the top. And pin it together. About 2 1/2" from the top, on the side with the fold, mare a curve. Then cut it.
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Next sew that raw edge shut. If you have a serger, I suggest using it. If you are like me and you don't then I would do a straight stitch first. Then go back over that stitch with a zig zag.
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Flip it right side out and you've got your hood.
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Fold your beach towel in half and mark the middle with a pin.
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Fold the hood in half and mark the middle with a pin.
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Lay the hood on top of the beach towel, lining up the pins, and pin the hood to the towel.
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Using a zig zag stitch, sew the hood to the towel. (Since the hand towel and beach towel had finished edges there is no need to reinforce the stitching)
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Voila! You made your very own hooded towel!
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Bandana Top/Dress Tutorial

I have really been neglecting my blog. I hope that a couple fun tutorials will make up for it!

Things have been very crazy here the last couple months and I have missed posting tutorials. So to make up for it, I'm going to post more then one this month. Up first...

A girls top or baby/toddler dress made out of bandanas! I got my bandanas at Walmart for $1 each. So you can easily make these for under $5 each 

2 bandanas
1-2 yds of grosgrain ribbon (I am using 7/8")
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Start by making a seam across the top of each bandanas. This will be where we run the ribbon through at the end.
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For a baby dress, if you's like it shorter. Trim a few inches off the top. Then sew your seam. On this one I trimmed 4" off the top.
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Next we need to mark where the side seam ends and the arm holes begin. Measure from the top 4-6 inches down and mark the fabric with a marker.
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You'll have two that look something like this.
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I like to pin the bandanas together, stopping where I put my mark. Then sew up both sides, stopping at your mark.
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Flip the top right side out and run your ribbon through the top seam. I just have the girls stand here to figure out the best length. But if they aren't around, I like to pull the ribbon through both sides, then pull the looped end out about 2", and have 6" of loose ribbon on the other end. Then I cut the ribbon.
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Gather the fabric up a bit. And have your girl put it on. Tie the bow. (sorry the pics aren't better. It's hard to convince a 19 month old to be a model)
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Now if you don't want to cut it shorter, you can still use the bandanas to make a toddler dress. Peyton is in 18m, this is her in the top Annsleigh was wearing above. I personally like them a bit shorter though. I think this would fit her better if she were in a 3t.
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You can add other embellishments if you wanted. Like trim or a ruffle along the bottom, an applique or embroidery, etc.

Another way to make a summer top for older girls is to make it a tie back halter. For this you only need one bandana.

You do the top seam the same as the others. Then attach a strip of ribbon to both sides. Since it's for Annsleigh, I cut the ribbon's length, the same width as the bandana. I like to get the ribbon placed as close to the middle of the bandana as possible to attach them. For the ribbon length at the neck I double the width of the bandana. Run the ribbon through the seam and you're done! You can do a similar top to this by making the top seam from one of the corner sections. This makes the bottom go to a 

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