Tuesday, December 15, 2009

12 weeks of Christmas - Week 12

Wow week 12 is here already. Since we are down to one full week plus a couple days until Christmas I am sure many are now just grabbing gift cards. I know I grabbed a couple! But wouldn't it be fun to give a gift card in a little more then an envelope? So this week we are going to do a couple gift card holders. And as a bonus I will throw in a way to dress up some concert or sporting event tickets!

I love the explosion boxes with a pocket for a gift card. 
Denise at Paper Pastime has a great video tutorial for making one with one or more pockets for gift cards I love that she added a 3D element right in the center! So I took that concept and combined it with the explosion bow with a paper bow tutorial from Christmas With The Cricut and combined the two to make this:

I took this basic idea and tweaked the measurements and made a similar box to hold some hockey tickets. The measurements are different but the box it's self goes together the same way...

Ignore the football tickets. I wanted to see what it looked like with tickets and the hockey tickets haven't arrived yet. ;)

For the box:
1- 8x12 piece cardstock
Score at 3" on each side.
Cut and remove the square from each corner.
Fold on the scored lines inward on each side.

The Lid:
1- 4 1/8x8 1/8 piece of cardstock
Score at 1" on all sides
Cut a triangle from each corner making a tab attached to the long sides.
Fold scored edges inward.
Glue tabs to inside of short sides. 

(Click on the pictures to see the cut diagrams larger)

Pocket for the tickets:
1 - 3 1/4x3 cardstock
Score at 1 1/2" down the longer sides
Fold both sides inward.

Using one of the triangles cut from the lid.
Score 2 sides at 1/16" and cut of the little square the score lines make.
Attach one side of triangle to the bottom of the box and the other to the backside of the pocket.

The Bow:
1- 4 1/2" circle from BT paper
Cut 8 curved lines from 1/4" away from the center outward to the edge.
Punch a hole in the center.
Put brad through the hole.
Fold the pointer corners inward attaching them to the brad, making a pinwheel.
Fold open the brad to hold the bows shape.

1 1/2"x12" strip of BT paper.
Wrap around box & lid.
Over lap edges and glue down (I used a glue dot)
Attach the bow with 3D foam dot. 

Some other fabulous gift card holders can be found all over the net. Some of my favorites are:
The cupcake from The Stamp Goddess - I love this project! Gorgeous presentation for a gift card!
Holiday House from The Paper Monkey
A Beanie from Caorolina's Creative Pad
Pop Up holder from Chic 'n Scratch

Monday, December 7, 2009

12 weeks of Christmas - Week 11

Because I love all things funky and fun. I decided to make my kids, nieces and nephews some fun and funky gifts this year. All you need is a sewing matching, some scissors, and some empty and clean juice pouches. And you can make some really cool gifts. I have had a lot of fun making these. And it's nice to know we are reusing something that would otherwise take up space in our landfill. I love when I can find a project to upcycle something!!

Wallets -  These are for all the kids. I think we are putting a gift card to an ice cream shop or a couple bucks in each one. I found these over at Mojo But I attached the pockets to one juice pouch first. Then I stitched the outer pouch on three sides. That way there was a pocket for money like in a regular wallet. The velcro I used comes on strips with adhesive on the back.

I wanted something to hold change as well so I used the tutorial I found at Craft Bits to make a little change purse. I made the flap edge rounded, I thought it looked cleaner that way. Again I used velcro dots for the closure.

I also made my daughter a purse. It is a little more technical then the change purse and the wallet. But it was too cute not to pass up making. I found the tutorial for the purse at Mormon Chic

If those aren't enough for you, you could also make a belt, lunch sack, checkbook covers, or a back pack. It's nice that these projects are so simple and you can easily add your own touch to all of the projects. You could add pockets, accessories, make a gift set. etc.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

12 weeks of Christmas - Week 10

My daughter is nearly 8 and loves anything "cool". So she saw these and begged me for them. Turns out they are actually pretty popular. And super easy to make! She doesn't know it yet, but she will have a few sets of these in her stocking. :) Fleece Sleeves! They are so cute, comfy, and even a little edgy. You can use plain fabrics and embellish them or you could use busy prints. I found great instructions for these at Riotflower's Realm . I made mine a tad different. I wanted a blanket stitch rather then a folded seam. It didn't make them feel as heavy or bulky at the openings this way.