Sunday, July 29, 2012

How about a tutorial?!

It's been a while since I posted a tutorial. But this one is fun and easy. Your kids can help with this one for sure!

Decoden is a trend that started in Japan. And since my oldest is obsessed with Japanese and Korean pop culture. We had to try this out when we discovered how easy it was!

We made iphone cases:

Trinket Jars:


Something to decoden - I am using a poker chip
Resin Cabochons, rhinestones, buttons, etc. Anything you will be using as your decorations.
DAP Alex Plus Caulking 
A Caulking gun or a pastry bag
Frosting tip and components to hold it in place
Rubber bands
duct tape

First I want to show you exactly what the caulking looks like. It comes in this style pictured as well as small tubes. I use this style because it is more cost effective. Make sure you get this one! It needs to be acrylic, latex, and silicone in one!

Here are my other supplies. The pocker chip, cabochons, and my tip:

Next we are going to prep the caulking. If you are using the pastry bag you can skip some of this by squirting the caulking into the pastry bag and a treating it as if were frosting. If you are like me and do not have pastry bags on hand this is what I do....

First you want to wrap the tip with at least 2 rubber bands.

Next place the tip over the rubber bands. You want them to seal the open area. If it seems loose add another rubber band.

Next wrap it in duct tape. This will prevent the tip from leaking out of the sides.

Now we are ready to decorate our poker chip. Starting in the center begin to squirt the caulking, make a circle and mimic the path you would take to frost the top of a cupcake.

You will end up with a small pile of "frosting"

Now one by one add your decorative pieces

There is no set method to placing the pieces. Just go with it! That's what makes is so fun!

Once dry I will add a bail to the back of this and turn it into a key chain or a necklace. But you need to wait until it is fully dry to handle it. Since we are using far more caulking then one would usually use, you need to leave it out longer then the package recommends. The bigger the item the longer the dry time. A piece like the poker chip will be dry to the touch after 24 hours. But the middle may still be soft.

You can pretty much decoden anything these days. So have fun and be creative!

Two tips before you go make your own. Be sure to have a piece of paper near by. the tip will leak a bit. You can stop some of that by loosening the end of the gun before setting it down.

When you are through cover the tip of the caulking in plastic and wrap it in rubber bands to seal it. 

I would love to see your creations! Link them in the comments :)