Sunday, February 6, 2011


So about a year ago I decided I would try hooping as a way to get more in shape and in all honesty just to have a little fun. I got all my supplies and made myself and 2 of my kids hoops. Last year was full of so much craziness I never really got into hooping. But recently i got a fire under my butt and decided I am going to dedicate 30 minutes a day to my hoop. Well after a couple day I realized that my hoop I made last year was just too big for me. it wasn't spinning as fast as i wanted. So this  week I made myself two new hoops. And I LOVE them! This is turning into a bit of an obsession for me hehe. I haven't started learning any tricks, right now I am working on the basics and trying to just get a feel for the movements and gain some muscle memory. It is my hope that over the next year I will improve and begin to nail a trick one at a time. Anyway I wanted to share my two new hoops.
 This one is so fun. The white under layer is actually glow in the dark tape. I love it!
 This one is my zebra hoop. The zebra print is actually ribbon, rather then tape. Just something different. I think it turned out pretty cute!

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