Sunday, February 6, 2011

Button Rings!

These are so fun and super easy to make!

2-3 buttons various sizes
Embellishments: I am using a feather and a rhinestone
Glue (hot glue, e6000, glue dots)
1 ring blank
 Start with the ring blank and put a dab of glue on it.

 Attach the ring blank to the back of your largest button.
 Grab a smaller button and add a dab of glue to it.

 Attach it to the larger button. You can center it or have it off to the side.
 Put some glue on the top of that same button and attach your feather.

 Put a little bit of glue onto your rhinestone (or a small button)
 Attach the rhinestone to the top. Making sure to cover the end of the feather.
And here is your finished, one of a kind, totally unique little ring!

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