Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Upcycled T-shirt

I have been a fan of Generation-T for a while now. I love all the ideas of things you can do with a t-shirt. I have used some of my old baby doll style t-shirts to make my daughters new clothes. But I have never made myself something from a t-shirt. I have had a Goonies shirt for a while now. But I hardly ever wear it. I love the shirt though so I decided to make something that I would likely wear more often. So I made a halter dress. I didn't follow any real pattern. It was some trial and error with inspiration from Generation-T, but I think it came out great. It's a comfy little dress that is perfect for the AZ summer! What do you think?

What have you made out of a T-shirt?

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The Oxford Family said...

Cute dress! Love your blog layout...supercute!