Tuesday, November 17, 2009

12 weeks of Christmas - Week 8

 This is a gift you can easily do for the whole family. With three little ones in the house buying PJs can get expensive. So why not make your own? I found this great tutorial Instructables for making pajama pants. And making a set is simple, get a plain t-shirt and use part of your fabric scraps to make an appliqué. You could make these out of flannel for a warm and cozy pair of pans. Cotton for those warm nights. Or even fleece for those chilly nights.

So far these are the only completed pair. But I have a stack already cut for all three of the kids.

I hope this is something you can do for your family! Happy sewing!

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Anonymous said...

ooh thanks!
I might just try this!
Now i want to go buy fabric! LOL

:)Amy West