Tuesday, November 3, 2009

12 weeks of Christmas - Week 6

I found a great tutorial for a soothing eye mask. They are easy to make. Low cost. And adorable! The tutorial calls rice to fill the mask. But I went with flaxseed. I also used a satin fabric to match a set I am working on. If you want to add an even more soothing touch, add some lavendar buds or lavendar essential oil to the rice/flaxseed before filling the mask.

Just a quick tip if you are going to store this in the freezer, be sure to keep it in a zip lock storage bag.


Mikan said...


oatsebear411 said...

I LOVE this and I think I am going to make some for christmas! I found your blog when I was looking at someones felt food and I thought your blog was great, so now I am a follower! I love your christmas gifts and I have an idea for one since you have kiddos!

I made these library tote bags, here


and they are great because whenever we go to the library the books want to take everything! I now tell them they may take what they can carry. Works great!


oatsebear411 said...

the kids want to take everything****

I cant type today

Twylabug said...

Those bags are adorable! Thanks for sharing them Amanda. And welcome to my crazy world of crafting! :)

oatsebear411 said...

no problem and thank you!