Monday, December 7, 2009

12 weeks of Christmas - Week 11

Because I love all things funky and fun. I decided to make my kids, nieces and nephews some fun and funky gifts this year. All you need is a sewing matching, some scissors, and some empty and clean juice pouches. And you can make some really cool gifts. I have had a lot of fun making these. And it's nice to know we are reusing something that would otherwise take up space in our landfill. I love when I can find a project to upcycle something!!

Wallets -  These are for all the kids. I think we are putting a gift card to an ice cream shop or a couple bucks in each one. I found these over at Mojo But I attached the pockets to one juice pouch first. Then I stitched the outer pouch on three sides. That way there was a pocket for money like in a regular wallet. The velcro I used comes on strips with adhesive on the back.

I wanted something to hold change as well so I used the tutorial I found at Craft Bits to make a little change purse. I made the flap edge rounded, I thought it looked cleaner that way. Again I used velcro dots for the closure.

I also made my daughter a purse. It is a little more technical then the change purse and the wallet. But it was too cute not to pass up making. I found the tutorial for the purse at Mormon Chic

If those aren't enough for you, you could also make a belt, lunch sack, checkbook covers, or a back pack. It's nice that these projects are so simple and you can easily add your own touch to all of the projects. You could add pockets, accessories, make a gift set. etc.

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