Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dyeing Dipes

This is what we did yesterday afternoon. It was a fun art project for the kids. And we got to make some boring prefold dipes a little brighter. I think they came out great. We used a kit by Jacquard that I picked up at Save-On-Crafts The kit was for 10-15 adult shirts and it dyed 12 prefold cloth diapers beautifully. I went with the Jaquard kit becasue it had everything we needed. Even a DVD that showed you haw to get different designes. The hardest part was waiting the 12-24 hours to rinse and wash to see what they looked like. We had a great time doing it and want to dye again soon. I strongly suggest this kit to anyone who wants to try dyeing on their own!

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Leana Ott said...

I never would have thought of this. Too funny and cute.