Tuesday, October 28, 2008

All People Love List

Ok this isn't a real crafty post. But I was on this blog Operation Nice  and I saw that there was an assignment to make an All People Love List. I felt inspired to make the list. And in the future to use my list to create some great scrapbook pages. So here is my list.

I love how my husband can make me laugh at any given time. And that it is a full hearted belly laugh that he knows when I need to have, sometimes before I do. I love that I can sit around with him doing absolutely nothing and still enjoy myself.

I love that my daughter has this determination, despite how much it may annoy me at times. It is a determination that I admire. She puts her mind to something and insists on completing whatever the task may be. This determination is going to make her an amazing woman some day. 

I love that my son has this way of loving everyone and everything. He has this tender side that most people try to stifle out of boys. He is 100% boy, but he has this tender hearted light that just shines through his smile! I know if he keeps this, he will be an amazing father and husband some day. I can not wait to see that.

I love that we have neighbors that we can truly trust for anything. I know they will always be there for us. And I love the fact that I have a mom/friend right across the street. It is nice to have a person to go to when I need a "mom" moment and my mom is too far away for me to go to her.

I love that I have friends that I have known most of my life. So many people come and go in our lives. It is comforting to know that I have real true friends that will and have always be there for me. And to top it of they are all a piece of my childhood that I will never have let go of. I can always be goofy with them and they will never fault me for it. I can go to them knowing they will be brutally honest with me. And it wont be out of spite or to be vindictive, I know it will be coming from their heart, because they truly care. They make me feel very blessed.

I challenge everyone who reads this to make a list of your own. You never know, it might just make you feel a little happier when you're done!

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