Thursday, July 24, 2008

Christmas in July

I know it is summer. But I am already trying to decide what I will be making this year for the holidays. These are a few things I made last year. i am hoping once I look at them again I may be inspired to make new things this year. Or maybe inspire you for your upcoming holiday projects.

I love how my cards turned out. I used the CTMH stamp set, Tropical Christmas. It worked out perfect because last year we moved to AZ. So everyone teased us that we wouldn't know what Christmas was like anymore because it would be so warm. So I played off of that with my cards.

I also used the Tropical Christmas set to make little Tic-Tac cards. I used these as gift tags for so many people. They were so fun to make. last year I saw many girls use this idea with a snowman on the front and whit tic tacs. I am sure there are hundereds of ways to used this little tag.

My memo boards were such a hit last year. I already have requests from friends to make more this year. I did holiday card holders as well as personalized memo boards. They were fun to make, fairly simple, and everyone loved them.


Trinka said...

love the tic tac cute~

Harmony said...

I love it ALL!!

Harmony said...

Had to drop by again to tell you I'm giving you an award on my blog...I should have the post up shortly :)